Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Festival of the Holy Trinity "The Father, Son and Holy Spirit is the eternal God who Saves!"

Jesus the Nazarene, a man approved from God unto you by powers and wonders and signs, those God did through Him in your midst, just as you yourselves know–This One, in the timely will and foreknowledge of God was handed over through hands of lawless men, having been nailed, you killed; whom God raised, freeing the birth pangs of death, in view of the fact that it was not able to hold him by itself. For David says unto Him, "I kept seeing the Lord before my face through all, because He is out of my right hand, in order that I not tremble. Through this my heart rejoiced, and my tongue was glad, and yet also my flesh will dwell upon hope; because you will not abandon my soul into hades, nor give Your Holy One to see decay; You have made known to me the ways of life; You fill me in gladness with Your presence." Men, brothers, it is possible to speak with frankness to you concerning Father David, that he both died and was buried, and his tomb is among us up to this day. Therefore, a prophet he was, and he knew that an oath God swore to him, out of the fruit of his loins He would seat upon his throne, He saw ahead, speaking concerning the resurrection of the Christ, that He was not abandoned into Hades nor did His flesh see decay. This Jesus, God raised, of which all of us are witnesses. Therefore, to the right hand of God being exalted, the promise of the Holy Spirit, having received alongside the Father, He poured out what you yourselves see and hear. For not David ascended into the heavens, but he himself says, "The LORD said to my Lord, sit upon My right, until whenever I place your enemies a footstool for Your feet." Certainly, therefore, may all the house of Israel know that both Lord and Christ God has made Him–this the Jesus whom you crucified. 

Just how old is the Trinity? This term was not used in bible times, so some foolishly assume the triune God only exists in Christian dogma. But we see clearly the persons of the Trinity existed long before. God the Father prophesied His Holy One--Jesus would not see corruption. This Jesus was Lord at His Father's right hand in the days of Father David! Jesus was the great I AM before Father Abraham.

You see, the three-in-One God has always been there. From the Wisdom which created everything at the beginning, the Father made, the Word–Jesus spoke, and the Spirit did his bird-like swooping to carry out the divine work of making everything. God has always been three, yet a three that is at the same time a unified one. But don't ask me to explain it. God is much more complicated than we can wrap our minds around. Who can comprehend Him? None of us, this side of heaven, that's for sure.

Sometimes you may get frustrated trying to figure out God. You want to know everything about God, how He can be plural yet singular at the same time, and just what makes Him tick. But you are on a need to know basis, and your mind cannot fathom the ways of God, here and now. So, as difficult as it is at times, you are only given to know certain things about the Holy Trinity, like those things you learned as you studied the Apostles' Creed in confirmation class. But you don't have all the answers.

So be contented by what you do know, namely those things God has revealed to you for your benefit. You know God the Father is on His throne. You know that Jesus has risen and ascended on high to the Father's right hand. You know that the promised Holy Spirit has been poured out upon you. By faith, you know that these three persons of the Trinity work together as One for your blessing.    
You also know what God the Father has done through Jesus in his powerful, wonderful, significant miracles. Just as Jesus healed, forgave and saved people from sin, death and Satan's power, so too has He healed, forgiven, and saved you from that unholy trinity. For although your sins crucified and killed Jesus, the Father did not abandon His Holy One, or let death keep hold of Him. God raised Jesus from death to life again, to make His enemies of sin, death and the devil nothing but footstools.

So just Who raised Jesus? Did God the Father do it? Yes! Did the Holy Spirit raise Jesus? Indeed! Did Jesus raise Himself to life again. Most definitely! For the Holy Trinity works together in all things, from their cooperation in the creation of the world, to the resurrection of all on the last day. Where the Father is, there is the Son, and there is also the Holy Spirit. For though they be three, they remain One for you. So baptized into the name of the Trinity, Father, Son and Spirit remain with you always.

Only one time were these three persons of the Trinity separated. At the cross, the Father forsook Jesus, and He gave up the Spirit. The body given you, and blood shed for you is Christ's alone. For this, your salvation, He was not abandoned in hell, nor did His body see decay. The Trinity is reunited forever.

Hymns today from LSB:

#507  Holy, Holy, Holy
#803  Joyful, Joyful, We adore Thee!
#498  Come Holy Ghost, Creator Blest
#604  I Bind Unto Myself Today

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